Dave Altavilla: HotHardware’s YouTube Videos

Dave Altavilla, editor-in-chief of HotHardware.com, and his team report on the newest developments in processors, graphics cards, motherboards, mobile devices, and other technologies. To further connect with his readers, David Altavilla produces a series of YouTube videos evaluating new products on the market.

On its more than 300 uploaded videos, the HotHardware staff has offered its thoughts on a myriad of items. With smartphones and tablets among the most popular pieces of technology, it has reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S4, the BlackBerry Z10, the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2, and the HTC Droid DNA. In 2013, HotHardware went to the Consumer Electronics Show and recorded demonstrations of some of the exhibits, including the Intel Haswell Graphics Performance Test, which featured a blind, side-by-side comparison of two processors playing the same game.

One of the channels most popular videos is called “3D Printer Round-Up.” Posted at the end of 2012 and running for more than 15 minutes, it compares 3D printers currently on the market: the Up! Mini, the Solidoodle 2, and the Cube 3D. Commentators go into depth on different aspects, such as cost, user accessibility, frills, quality, and noise. Despite differences among the three, HotHardware recommends any of them, depending on your specific needs, whether “you’re a 3D printing veteran or new to the technology.”


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