About David Altavilla

David AltavillaAs Founder and Editor-in-Chief of HotHardware in Massachusetts, David Altavilla brings a lifelong experience in semiconductor technologies, computing, the Internet, and related industries to his work. Raised in the greater Boston area, he cultivated his love of technology growing up in the age of Atari, the DOS operating system and dial-up internet access. Dave Altavilla continued to follow his passion for technology while studying business and communications at Fitchburg State College and, following graduation, embarked upon a prolific career in semiconductor sales.

After years of success in Industrial Distributor Sales Management at Anchor Engineering, Onyx, Inc., and Nu Horizons Electronics, David Altavilla joined Integrated Device Technology (IDT) as an Area Sales Manager and Global Account Manager. He spent nearly a decade there. In tandem with his work at IDT, Mr. Altavilla expanded his involvement in the tech sector, building HotHardware.com. The website HotHardware was born his passion for computing and technology, and soon grew into a global brand, attracting journalists eager to deliver the latest tech news and reviews to an exploding web audience.

Since then, Dave Altavilla has positioned HotHardware as one of the leading sources of up-to-date, detailed information on computer products and gadgets of all types for the truly tech-savvy consumer. From processors and motherboards to mobile devices and gaming systems, Mr. Altavilla and his team at HotHardware cover the topics that matter most, bringing objective articles, reviews, and advice on the newest products to hit the market. To read more about David Altavilla and his work, please visit http://hothardware.com.


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