What Sets HotHardware Apart From Other Tech Blogs?

With an 18-year career in the semiconductor industry, it was fitting that Dave Altavilla would go on to share his knowledge of technology with others. Through his website, HotHardware.com, Dave Altavilla and his team of technophiles post the latest news and offer reviews for products from some of the biggest names in tech.

What sets HotHardware apart from other tech blogs is the more hobbyist nature of many of the articles. For example, articles are written about how to maximize hardware performance from computer components via overclocking. Not only do the bloggers discuss whether or not they personally recommend the product, but they also explain how far they can safely overclock the machine without causing issues. For true performance enthusiasts, the information provided can help eek out every last drop of potential in their hardware.

Because of the rapid pace of technology, tech users must always have the latest information in order to not be left behind. The detailed, tech-savvy, and up-to-date nature of David Altavilla’s HotHardware (http://hothardware.com) makes it a popular destination for tech enthusiasts throughout the web. In addition, the company has almost 6,000 followers on Twitter and over 10,000 Facebook fans.